Performance Portfolio

core competence die-casting

But what is die-casting?


Die-casting means to press liquid melt with high pressure and a very high mould filling speed into a permanent shape, in which the material then solidfies.


We produce each and every die-cast parts from aluminium and magnesium on horizontal cold-chamber die-casting machines.

Their closing pressure ranges from 260 up to 1,650 tons. We are using the following alloys:


  • Al 226 - AlSi9Cu3
  • Al 230 - AlSi12(Fe)
  • Al 231 - AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
  • Silafont 36 - AlSi10MnMg
  • Castasil 37 - AlSi9MnMoZr
  • AZ 91 HP - MgAl9Zn1(A)
  • AM 50 - MgAl5Mn
  • AM 60 - MgAl6Mn


We buy any die-cast moulds which are necessary for production from certified and reliable toolmakers. As we own machines of various sizes, we are in a position to gain an optimized cost/performance ratio by using the most appropriate tool size


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