Magnesium die-casting

Magnesiumdruckguss - Housing R60
Magnesium - Housing R60
Magnesiumdruckguss - Housing BR204
Magnesium - Housing BR204
Magnesiumdruckguss - Konsole
Magnesium - Konsole
Magnesiumdruckguss - Tunnelkonsole
Magnesium - Tunnelkonsole

What is magnesium die-casting?

Magnesium die-casting is a pressure die-casting procedure where liquid magnesium is filled into a pre-heated steel mould using high pressure.


The permanent mould made of steel represents the exact negative of the shape to be cast. The mould consists of two halves so that it can be opened after the metal feeding and solidification procedure in order to easily take the cast part out.


Magnesium die-cast parts can be produced at our facilities on cold chamber die-casting machines.

Magnesium die-casting at AUER Guss

The Auer Guss GmbH is your expert for professional magnesium die-casting in Germany.


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