Philosophy & Ethics

Philosophy & Ethics

Being a mid-sized family-run business with our headquarters in Germany and a subsidiary in the Czech Republic we are part of the global society and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

We are of the opinion that corporate success, compliance with law and order, responsibility for our staff and a responsible treatment of the environment are closely related.

In our company, men and women of various nations and age groups with different skin color, cultural and religious orientation as well as different ethnic and social backgrounds work harmoniously and respectfully together.

We ...

  • deploy employees according to their skills and support their potential.
  • ensure fair remuneration and comply with collective labor agreements.
  • are aware that every employee is contributes to our overall corporate success.
  • treat employees on all business levels with decency and respect.
  • comply with applicable laws on the protection of personal data and privacy.
  • accept no discrimination based on skin color, sex, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, social class, disability, trade union membership, ethnic origin as well as other factors protected by law.
  • comply with the applicable environmental protection acts and regulations and act according to the ISO EN 14001 provisions.